GrayRock has secured Jennifer Hudson multiple times for private events.  One is described below.

The directive given to GrayRock for a very special surprise Birthday celebration was to deliver an amazing musical surprise guest that would blow the guests away.  Timing is everything. We explained to the client that an incredible new artist from American Idol was coming out in a new movie that was scheduled to hit movie theatres just 3 days before their event and that we predicted (five months prior to the release of the movie) that she would become one of the biggest stars on the planet.  The client listened and we booked the act.  The movie was Dream Girls and the singer, of course, was the incomparable Jennifer Hudson who went on to win a Golden Globe, Grammy and Oscar for her phenomenal performance.  Guests were completely blown away by her powerhouse performance and couldn’t believe that only days after the release of Dream Girls, Jennifer Hudson was performing just for them.


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