“The Really Big Show”, now in it’s 8th year, is an epic fundraising event focused on raising money and awareness on behalf of organizations committed to helping children and young adults thrive.  Some of the most well known charities they’ve worked with include Big Brothers Big Sisters,The Mercy School for Special Learning, Valley Youth House of Bethlehem, Platoon 22 and Ronald McDonald House.

“The Really Big Show” was created and developed by Rich and Bobbi Sue Franchella and their many talented founding partners and volunteers “The Really Big Show” artists have dazzled packed theaters in the northeast including the iconic Capitol Theater in Port Chester NY, The Performing Arts Center of Purchase, and MusicFest Café at Steel Stacks in Bethlehem PA.  Taking their cue from the variety-show format of the Sixties, “The Really Big Show” fundraiser has featured a mix of legendary talent like Jay Leno, Joan Jett the B-52s as well as many exciting emerging artists.  A short list of artists can be found below.

Marc Martel, Taz Niederauer, Syndee Winters, Tiki Barber, Vonda Shepard, Michael Cavanaugh, Taylor Van Cleave, Art Garfunkel, Jr., Steven Maglio, Chris Monty, Talina Toscano, Kat Pace, Mick Simeone, Matthew Whitaker (prodigy pianist), Candace Benson, Christina Bianco, Daniel Roebuck, Craig Thather, Sing for America and many more…..

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